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Inland Branch celebrates excellence in concrete

Following the national Fulton Awards Gala weekend in the Drakensberg, the Inland Branch took the opportunity to host a review for local members, of the projects entered and recognise once again the projects that received Fulton trophies and judges’ commendations.

AfriSam once again, sponsored the event, as they did the whole of the national Fulton Awards for 2019 and the CEO of the company, Rob Wessels introduced proceedings by stating that AfriSam were proud to be the Anchor Sponsor for the prestigious 2019 Fulton Awards and for the Inland Fulton Review event. “The Fulton Awards,” he said, “are well known for recognising excellence in concrete – a product that is synonymous with AfriSam.

Rob Wessels CEO of AfriSam

Rob Wessels, CEO of AfriSam

John Sheath CEO of CSSA

John Sheath, CEO of CSSA


We believe it is essential to give a platform to those individuals and companies that are pushing the boundaries in the use of concrete as this process leads to architectural and functional innovation”.
Rob continued, “…. the Fulton Awards are much bigger than a single construction materials supplier, it is about the industry coming together recognising the possibilities that can be achieved when the boundaries of concrete, both in terms of sustainability and technical performance, are pushed”.

Lead judge for the Fulton Awards, and President of the Concrete Society, Prof Mark Alexander told the guests that, whilst the judging schedule was exhausting at times, it was incredibly stimulating and inspirational to see just what colleagues in the concrete industry are still achieving, despite the dire situation of the construction industry. “We heard stories”, he said, ”of the difficulties of working with the new sub-contractor requirements, of the lack of skills on occasions, but always there was a sense that these problems had been tackled and overcome, to produce what was in every case a true testimony to the versatility and beauty of concrete, as expressed in a wide variety of different structures, buildings and products”.

Prof Mark Alexander

Prof Mark Alexander

Tina Coetzee

Tina Coetzee


Guests were then shown a summary of all 31 projects that had been entered, following which, John Sheath, CEO of the Concrete Society announced the names of the winners in this year’s awards, together with those that had received judge’s commendations.
In all, there were seven trophy winners and eight recipients of commendations.

In closing, Tina Coetzee, Chair of the Inland Branch thanked members for attending the function and AfriSam, for their generous sponsorship and support of the Concrete Society Fulton Awards.

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