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Springrove Dam

Springrove dam is located on the Mooi River, about 2 km south east of Rosetta village. The catchment area is 339 km². The dam will have a gross capacity of 139,5 million m³ at full supply level. The dam is classified as a category III dam in terms of the SANCOLD 1991 guidelines and rated as a large dam.

The dam incorporates an earth fill right flank section, a 70m long and 33m high Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) crest, a RCC non-overspill  left flank, an 18m long outlet block on the right flank .

Concrete and RCC is produced on site, using two wet batch plants. The crest section consists of 95600 m³  RCC and the  dam wall and affiliated structures,  45000 m³ of conventional concrete.

The RCC mix has a high paste volume and is relatively new technology  in South Africa, the mix consisting of 50 kg Cem I cement and 110 kg fly ash per m³. The strength specification of 15 MPa had to be achieved after 365 days.

Although a wet and rainy day, it was an interesting experience to watch RCC being produced and placed.


Springrove Dam Site Visit - Photo Gallery

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