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Flaws in Floors

23 July 2013 | UKZN | Presented by: George Evans – PPC

The speaker, George Evans from PPC, opened with the relevant comment that floors are responsible for a great many problems encountered on sites, that they are the most abused of all structural elements and that design and workmanship issues will need improving going forward and in the future.

George went on to discuss essential requirements for good long lasting and durable floors and also discussed latent and incipient defects most often encountered. Isolation from the structure, load transfer, accommodation of dimensional changes and allowing for construction interruptions were critical issues often neglected.

Next under discussion was different joint types, their design, potential risk of failure and function in floors and plenty detail was provided.

The presentation moved on to different methods of construction and casting concrete in floors which included the long strip method, continuous placing techniques and checkerboard pattern. This led on to discussion about jointed continuously reinforced floors and jointless continuously reinforced floors. Many photographs of what to do and what not to do were shown.

Methods to control cracking were then discussed and once again with plenty of what to do and what not do on this topic.

The presentation ended with questions and answers.

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