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logo_colourIn terms of the agreements between ECSA and other international engineering bodies, South African registered professionals will be obliged to keep abreast of developments and knowledge in their fields of expertise, in order to maintain and demonstrate their competence.

All ECSA registered persons are required to undertake and record CPD activities as a prerequisite to renewal of their professional registration. CPD runs in five year cycles, during which period every registered person is required to accumulate 25 credits to retain registration. In any one year, the registered person is required to accumulate three credits. Additional credits earned in any one year may be carried over to the subsequent years in the five year cycle.Registered persons are required to record their CPD activities annually, either manually on form ECPD, or electronically on the CPD website www.ecsa.co.za, no later than 30 days after the completion of their annual cycle.

All CPD credits are electronically recorded and professionals may access their personal records from the ECSA website. In view of the possibility of being audited, registered persons should keep verifiable evidence of all their CPD actitivites for at least five years. Each full day or ten hours spent on an approved course will be credited with one credit. In terms of the ECSA CPD policy document, providers not recognised by ECSA have to apply to be a recognised voluntary association forvalidation of the course.

All CSSA meetings and seminars have been granted CPD approval by ECSA. Each approved event will be assigned a unique CPD identification number (which will be printed on the attendance certificate) which the registered professional must cite when claiming CPD credits annually. The Society will keep a record of each delegate's attendance and this information will be relayed to the National Learner Record Database.   


All ECSA-registered engineers who are members of the Concrete Society, are entitled to 'partial exemption' of their annual fees to ECSA (approx. 38% discount), plus 1 CPD point for the year of membership.


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